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Poetry in spoken words to stimulate your thoughts. Poetry is the essence of a rhythmic tune to express emotions. Poetry can also set a mood, a stage, of events to come or those that have occurred in the past. A tune of thoughts to tantalize the memory of those loved ones present and past. Poetry can also be therapeutic in that it acts as a journal of thoughts and emotions through which one can express their own experiences. Poetry exudes joy, pain, sorrow, truth, and hope.

Life Gave Me A Twist

Life Gave Me A Twist explores the inner strength and resilience we all have inside of us. Adapting to new circumstances and looking at challenges as an opportunity to succeed. I am a survivor not a victim.

The characters’ names are not real but every event in “Life Gave Me A Twist” is based on real experiences.

I hope my readers will identify with circumstances that may seem to put them in a hopeless situation. The message I want to convey to my readers is there are no circumstances that each person cannot overcome. The key is how you view yourself and the ability to overcome. Resilience, courage, strength, and inspiration go a long way. The road ends with success!

Chandler The Handler

Chandler the Handler, You Can’t Bully Me!! The meaning behind the title is to promote/teach proactive skills to both genres when faced with bullies in any form.

The book emphasizes the importance of using both the brain and the heart when making decisions and solving problems. Chandler’s encounters with bullies and his efforts to handle situations peacefully and sensibly serve as examples for young readers to follow. The content also highlights the significance of learning from past experiences and understanding the consequences of one’s actions.

Overall, the book aims to inspire young readers to adopt a positive attitude, develop reasoning skills, and approach challenging situations with courage and empathy. It promotes the idea of creating a better future by eliminating bullying and fostering understanding among peers. The story of Chandler the Handler serves as a guide for young people to navigate through various challenges they may encounter in their lives.

Debra Meets Chandler…Soon To Come or Stay Tuned

“Debra Meets Chandler” exposes the “Karen-like” attitude that’s comparable to what school
kids experience as “bullying”. Chandler, as an adult, enlightens Debra as they battle the “Karen-like” attitude together

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